I would like to thank Bob and Joe Howard, and their team for the excellent relationship they’ve formed with our restaurants. After careful consideration, and demonstrations with Micros and Squirrel, we absolutely had complete confidence in choosing Team Howard. From the date of install, employee training and our first night open, Team Howard was there to back us up. If any problems occurred, at any time, they handled it promptly and followed through until it was resolved. Again, thank you for all the support. It is comforting to know your team is behind us. Digital Dining has certainly given us the utmost efficiency in serving our customers, as well as, increasing our sales.

Keith Scott

THE ALGONQUIN, Bolton Landing

I own Manna’s Restaurant & Banquet House in Ballston Spa, NY. At Manna’s we have an old TEC computer system that we did not buy from Team Howard. When we had problems with the computer system we’ve called Team Howard for help and they have responded each time even though they don’t service the equipment we have. They weren’t always successful, but they did respond and were willing to help in anyway they could.

When we decided to open up The Brickyard Tavern in Ballston Spa we knew it would be necessary to get a new POS system so I called Team Howard.

After careful consideration and demo’s we purchased Digital Dining from Team Howard. From the beginning, the server and back office training, the installation, on-site support, Team Howard’s guidance was there. When we showed Team Howard where we wanted to place a server touchscreen they offered to build us a wall mount cabinet for the touchscreen in the front dining room, it came out really nice and we did not lose any table space. Most impressive is how user friendly Digital Dining is. The features and capabilities are awesome. Once we got open, we wanted to use the Frequent Diner program that comes with the system. Team Howard helped us design the Frequent Diner program and training us on how to maintain it. My partner Glen and myself want to thank everyone at Team Howard for making that part of opening a new business a breeze!

I highly recommend Team Howard and Digital Dining!

Ron Manna and Glen Grecco


After many years of using paper checks, we never realized the impact that choosing Digital Dining and Team Howard would have on our business. This being such a major decision and investment, we diligently did our homework. After seeing what Digital Dining offers, as far as inventory, labor scheduling, table management, gift cards, etc. we were impressed. The back office reporting and the user friendly system for the front of the house, along with the knowledge and sincerity of Joe and Bob Howard, I knew there was no other way to go, but with Team Howard.

Our system has been in operation for 2 years now, and my accountant, servers and managers cannot thank me enough. It is hard to find a superior product along with superior service in one. WE DID BY CHOOSING TEAM HOWARD.

Joann Aragosa


When I page Team Howard for support, I get a fast and knowledgeable response. That’s not what we got from our last service company. At first I thought the fast response would tail off as time went on but that was 4 years ago and I still get a fast response when I page for service. If you are looking to buy a new POS system, do yourself a favor and buy it from Team Howard, based upon my experience they are the best.


D’Raymonds, Albany

When we purchased our first restaurant in Saratoga they already had a POS system, so we used it. When we opened a location in Ballston Spa we met with Team Howard and we liked their expertise and their friendly approach. We purchased a micros 2700 for our new concept from Team Howard and they did a great job installing the computers and training our staff. Recently, on a Friday night at our location in Saratoga a touchscreen went down, we called the current service provider and we were told that they did not have any touchscreens in stock and were unable to fix our problem. We called Team Howard and they quickly installed a new touchscreen. Thanks to Team Howard we didn’t miss a beat. It’s all about support and service. We know we can rely on Team Howard.

Tim Holmes

Wheatfields, Saratoga Springs

When we shopped for our first Point of Sale system, we looked at quite a few systems and companies, but once we started calling references on Team Howard, they were the leader. We chose the Digital Dining system because it did what we needed it to do. When we opened a new location, we chose a different product and a different company because of price and assurances that they would provide the same level of service that Team Howard has provided us over the years. WHAT A MISTAKE! If we could do it over again, we would choose Team Howard and Digital Dining.



Our Micros system had problems on a recent Saturday afternoon around 4PM and we were approaching the dinner rush. We called Team Howard, within 60 minutes a technician had arrived, fixed our problems and we cruised right into a busy night without a glitch. The technician also did some programming for us because our wine list has really expanded. We couldn’t be happier with the support and service we receive from Team Howard. Thanks for the great response!

Sandy & Joe


When my Micros 1370 had a keyboard problem, I called the local Micros dealer. They sent out a salesman to try to convince me I needed to buy a new system. They said it was hard getting parts for the older Micros registers, which quite honestly didn’t make any sense, because they get trade-ins all the time. Anyway, I had heard that Team Howard offered Micros service too, so I called them. Bob told me they were not an authorized Micros dealer and they didn’t offer support for the 1370 model, because they were not familiar enough with it. However, Bob offered to call a restaurant in Albany where Team Howard had replaced a Micros 1370 system and see if they had any parts. THEY DID!! Bob went to Albany, retrieved the necessary parts and came right to Poalo Lombardi’s. He charged me for the time and travel, but asked that I send a check directly to the client in Albany for the parts. That’s the kind of company I want to work with. We eventually replaced the 1370’s with Micros 2700’s, that we purchased from Team Howard, I am very satisfied with Team Howard and always thank them for the great service.



We had our old POS system on a yearly maintenance contract. Six months into the contract their service tech told me they had no parts to repair my kitchen printer which had broken. He said we should look into a new system. I told the service tech to ask his boss, ‘Why they had cashed my maintenance check if they didn’t have the parts to fix my system?’ I took his advice and looked into a new system and haven’t looked back. I find it easy to recommend Team Howard. They are responsive, knowledgeable and I am glad to see them grow.
Mike Verdile


I apparently met Bob in the early eighties when I had Sneaky Pete’s at Latham Circle. I don’t remember the encounter, but Bob insists that I escorted him out of Sneaky’s on more than one occasion. That was certainly a fun period.

You Could say we rekindled our relationship when I opened up Nick’s Sneaky Pete’s in Saratoga Springs in 1998. One of our partners owned a Posi-Touch system so we installed it at the new Sneaky’s. We called upon Team Howard for service. Team Howard told us up front that they were not a Posi dealer and would struggle to provide what they described as acceptable level of service by Team Howard’s Standards. Team Howard responded every time we called.

In 2001 we moved Sneaky Pete’s into the OTB complex on Central Ave in Albany. We scuttled the Posi Touch System and installed nine Micros 2700 terminals. Our business hours are not typical. We don’t open until 9PM and stay open late, but every time we’ve called Team Howard’s service pager we get an instant response. Their support has been great and I highly recommend Team Howard!

Nick Huban