Digital Dining FAQ

Here we hope we can answer some of the many questions we receive at the office in the hopes of not only educating but helping you save some time and money.

01. What version of Digital Dining am I Running?
You can check your version in several ways. If you are in the office, open the Back office Program. The version number is located in the top left corner of the window. If you are at the point of sale…double-touch the bottom blue bar (where the time is located.) The time will change to the version number.

02. All of my credit cards are declining. How do I reset/restart the Credit Card Server on Digital Dining?
Internet Credit Cards: First check to see if you internet is working. Double click on Internet Explorer. If it is not on your desktop go to Start–>All Programs–>Internet Explorer. If it loads the home page (this verifies that your internet is working) then restart your credit card server. Hold CTRL + ALT, then hit the DEL key on the keyboard. Click on TASK MANAGER. On the next screen, click once on DDCDSRV1 (to highlight it in blue.) Then click on END TASK. You may now close the Task Manager window. Now, click on START > PROGRAMS > STARTUP > DDSTART (or DDCDSRV1, depending on your version of Digital Dining.) Wait about 30 seconds, then test a Credit Card. If you are still having problem, contact your Credit Card processor. If everything is good with your credit card processor call Team Howard for support. If your internet is not working call your internet service provider.

Dial up (DATACAP Modem) Credit Cards: Typically, your credit card server is running in the Office. Go to the PC. Hold CTRL + ALT, then hit the DEL key on the keyboard. Click on TASK MANAGER. On the next screen, click once on DDCDSRV1 (to highlight it in blue.) Then click on END TASK. You may now close the Task Manager window. Unplug the black power cord from your DATACAP modem for a few seconds, then plug it back in. Make sure you have a red power light on the front of the modem. Now, click on START > PROGRAMS > STARTUP > DDSTART (or DDCDSRV1, depending on your version of Digital Dining.) Wait about 30 seconds, then test a Credit Card. If you are still having problem, contact your Credit Card processor. If everything is O.K. on their end, contact Team Howard for support.

03. My credit cards are working on all of my stations except one. How can I check my Credit Card Swipe?
Trace the cord from the Credit Card Swipe to the back of the station. Unplug it by pulling straight back. Plug it back in, making sure you put it in the KEYBOARD or USB port (depending on the model), not the MOUSE port (the keyboard port is typically PURPLE, the mouse port is typically GREEN) Make sure you have a green light on the swipe. (If you don’t, the swipe is probably bad…call Team Howard support) If it still doesn’t work…try cleaning the magnetic reader. If you don’t have a cleaning card, wrap a moist towelette around a regular credit card and run it through the reader a few times. If it still fails, call Team Howard support.

04. Nothing is currently printing in the kitchen. What do I do?
A: Most likely, your “Print Server” isn’t running on your File Server (typically located in the office.) Go to that computer, and check the task bar. You are looking for a program called “Digital Dining Print Server.” If you don’t see it, click on START > PROGRAMS > STARTUP and then click on “DDSTART” or “Digital Dining Print Server” (depending on your version of Digital Dining) This will restart the print server. If the server is running on the task bar, click on it, then close it ( by clicking on the X in the top right corner. ) Follow the directions above to restart the print server.

05. I have one printer that is not printing. What do I do?
First, check the obvious. Does it have paper? Is there an error light blinking? Is the power light on? Check all of your connections, and then reseat them (unplug them, wait a few seconds, then plug them back in.) To fix any paper jams, ribbon jams, or perform a self test use the instructions here (Depending on your printer, all instructions may not be applicable). Do this on the printer, then follow the cables and do the same on the other end. Turn off the printer, pull out the paper, put it back in and turn the printer back on. Send a test order to the printer. If it still doesn’t print, switch printers with one that you know works. Send orders to both printers. If this doesn’t fix the problem, at least you will know if the problem is in the printer, or the data line. Call Team Howard for support, and we’ll be glad to help!

06. I’m getting an error on my station that says I’m logged in somewhere else. I’ve checked all other stations and I’m not logged in. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?
More than likely, you had a station that was improperly shut down while someone was logged in. Digital Dining thinks that the server or bartender is still using that terminal. There are 2 ways to clear this message. If you are near a POS station, log in with a Manager ID, click on Register Options, and then RELEASE SYSTEM LOCKS. This will clear that message and the employee will be able to log in. If you are in the office, or don’t have that Register Option, click on the CODEBASE SERVER (it’s running on the task bar.) Click on the EXIT button and confirm that you wish to shut the program down. It will restart on it’s own, when needed. The employee will now be able to log in.

07. I’m getting a box on one POS station asking for a data path. What do I do?
If the error box is yellow and there is a line under the data path box that says “Automation Manager is not running,” go to the File Server. Click on START > PROGRAMS > STARTUP > AUTOMATION MANAGER. This should allow the station to load into the POS program. If you don’t see that line, or the error box is red, shut the station down. Look at the back of the station. Try and find your data cable (it looks like a wide phone cord, seen to the right.) Unplug it. Then plug it back in. (make sure it clicks into place.) Trace the cable back to where it plugs into the wall and do the same thing. Reboot the station. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call Team Howard for support.

08. I’m getting a box on all my stations asking for a data path. What do I do?

If the error is on all of your stations, you’re probably having a problem at the main DD PC (typically located in your office). Check the status of that PC, make sure it’s on and DD programs (icons) are running on the Task Bar (bottom of screen). Verify AUTOMATION MANAGER is running on the task bar. If not, click on START > PROGRAMS > STARTUP > AUTOMATION MANGER. Also, verify the PC is not locked up, if PC is not responding then Restart the PC – click on START > SHUT DOWN > RESTART, if the PC won’t restart (neither mouse & keyboard are working) then you are forced to hold the power button for a few seconds until the PC turns off. If the PC won’t even power off when holding the Power Button in then you are forced to unplug the power cord that’s located on the back of the PC. Unplugging the power cord is a last resort, not what you attempt first. Unplug power cord, wait 30 seconds, plug power cord back in and press the power button on the front of the PC. Allow the PC a few minutes to completely boot up and load all the DD programs. Restart each POS Station(s).

If you determine (or at least suspect) the PC is 100% OK, then a likely cause of all POS at Data Paths is the network switch that is attached to the PC has either failed, is not powered on, or it is no longer connected (it got unplugged or the cable is damaged) to the DD PC. Are there lights on the switch? If not, find the power cord and make sure it’s plugged into the switch, then verify the power adapter is plugged into a working outlet. Did the lights come back on? If yes, then after 2-3 minutes go to each POS Station and Restart them one at a time.

It may not be easy (there can be lots of network cables plugged into the switch) but do your best to verify that a network cable is connected to both the DD PC ethernet jack and the switch. Network cables may also appear to be plugged in but they are not, once you identify the cable that connects the switch and DD PC, carefully unplug and replug each end, quite often you’ll hear a snap when the plug goes in, that’s a good sound not a bad sound. It’s the clip on the plug securing itself. Restart POS Stations to determine if the Data path error is gone. If the Data path error continues, call Team Howards Help Desk.

09. I need to add a special to the menu for tonight. What’s the easiest way?

The easiest way to add any menu item is to copy an existing one. To do this, go to the backoffice program and click on MENU > MENU ITEMS. Click on the FIND button and look up a similar item (if you are adding an entree, look up another entree, if you are adding an appetizer, look up an existing appetizer, etc.) Once you have that item on the screen, click on the ADD button on the top of the window. Type in the name for your new item and set the prices. Typically, that’s it! (you may want to check the Windows tab and double-check what modifiers you are prompting for, make any changes if needed.) When you are done, click SAVE and EXIT. Your new item will show up in the same window as the one you copied.

10. My office reports are coming up short. What’s wrong?
Usually, you’re filtering out data that you shouldn’t be. Pull up the report in question, then click on the DEFINE button. Check the tabs for *ASTERISKS* next to them. (The asterisk means data is filtered out on that tab.) Click on any tab that has asterisks and see what is EXCLUDED. If it shouldn’t be, double-click on it to INCLUDED that data in the report. Also check the main tab for your time, server, and cashier ranges. Typically, they should be set to 1-9999. If they are not, correct the ranges. When you are finished, click on SAVE and EXIT. Rerun the report. If you are still off, call Team Howard for support.

11. How do I find what my IP Address is?
Click on Internet Explorer. If it is not on your desktop go to Start->All Programs->Internet Explorer. In the address bar type in or click on the link.

12. Suddenly all of my computers are beeping, what is it?
The most likely cause is the electrical circuit that supplies AC power to the POS system is off or having a problem.

WARNING: Do not under any circumstances to troubleshoot electrical problems. We ask that you please call a professional, licensed electrician for help.

It is actually the battery backups that are beeping. Battery backups beep when they are getting no power. Time is of the essence when your POS system looses power. You should immediately tell your servers and bartenders to print out all their open checks/tabs. Battery backups will supply power to the POS system for a limited time so perform that task quickly. After all checks have been printed you can manually start to properly shutdown your POS terminals and the back office server.

Once power has been restored turn the back office server on first. After the file server has fully loaded (desktop is on and all associated Digital Dining programs have loaded), power on all the POS computers, touch screens, and printers.

13. At one of my computers I hear a beeping noise, what is it?
The most likely cause is the battery backup unit that supplys power to the computer is not getting any power from the outlet it is plugged into. Determine whether or not there is power going to that outlet. Is there anything else plugged into the outlet? Does it have power? If the battery backup is the only thing plugged into the outlet, find a small device that you could plug into the outlet to determine whether or not power is present.

If there is no power; check the breakers in your service panel to see if any breakers have tripped. WARNING: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PROCEED TO troubleshoot ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS. PLEASE CALL A PROFESSIONAL, LICENSED ELECTRICIAN FOR HELP.

Once power has been restored the beeping should stop.

If there is power in the outlet; your battery backup may be having a problem, you should remove the battery backup from the POS system. Do not just unplug it! Properly shut down/off any computer components that are plugged into the battery backup unit, after all components have been properly shut down/off then you can unplug the battery backup unit from the wall. Now take all the components AC cords that were plugged into the battery backup and plug them directly into the wall outlet.

Call Team Howard to have the battery backup unit replaced.

14. What should I do if we have a total power outage?
Our advice at Team Howard is simple; when power goes out to the entire building, unplug from the outlets any and all property that you can’t afford to replace or repair.

Call the power company and let them know the situation. Most equipment that is damaged during a power outage is not damaged when power goes out but rather when power comes back on. That is why we recommend you disconnected the AC cords from the wall. We also recommend waiting a few minutes after power has been restored before you begin plugging devices back in.

Remember: Damage to your equipment from power outages is not covered by warranty or any support services agreement that you may have in place. Take all necessary precautions to protect your investment. You should develop procedures and training so that all of your employees know what is expected of them when power outages occur.

15. What can I use to clean the touch screen?
Any standard glass cleaner (non-ammonia based) can be used to clean the touch screen. Always spray the glass cleaner on the cloth or towel and then clean the touch screen.

16. How can I remove scratches from my screen?
We know of no proven way to remove a scratch from a touch screen. Any attempt to polish the scratch out of the screen will also remove your touch screen’s hard coat, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to more extensive damage. Your best solution for a bad scratch is to cover your screen with one of the commercially available or homemade screen protectors, or if only the input area is affected, try using Scotch-brand 811 removable tape over the area.

17. Should I use RainX or Armor All, or car waxes on my screen?
In our opinion this is not a good idea. While the chemical resistance tests indicate that it is not likely to do any direct harm, it is also not likely to offer much of a benefit. None of these treatments will be able to exceed the protection characteristics of your screen’s hard coat. Keep your screen clean and use a proper stylus to protect the hard coat for maximum screen life.

18. How should I clean my handheld touch screen?
The front surface of your PDA touch screen should be kept free of dirt, dust, fingerprints and other foreign materials. Abrasive materials will scratch the front surface of your touch screen, impairing visibility and input accuracy. We recommend that you use a clean, damp, nonabrasive cloth towel, and any commercially available window cleaner, to regularly clean the surface.

The cleaning solution MUST be applied to the cloth and NOT directly to the screen. Most screens have air vents around the edges and are NOT designed with water tight bezels. Fluid may get behind the screen if it is not cleaned properly.

We suggest first gently blotting the screen without any rubbing action. This will pick up most loose particles so they will not be rubbed into the screen. After blotting, turn to a clean area of the cloth and gently rub until the screen is polished clean and dry. Pay particular attention to the edges and corners of your screen where dirt can hide. Even if you use a screen protector product over your touch screen, you should still clean it regularly. This will extend the protector’s life and protect your stylus from contamination or unnecessary wear.

19. Can I use a pen, pencil, or other sharp object to touch the touch screen?
Only use the stylus for the handhelds. For the other touch screens it is recommended to use your finger, but it is ok to use the flat end of a pen or eraser end of a pencil. Do not use any sharp objects to touch the touch screen as this may cause damage.

20. The cash drawer is not opening, and I’m panicking. What now?
Use the cash drawer key to manually open the cash drawer as needed while troubleshooting, you also may consider removing the cash till entirely while you troubleshoot the problem. All cash drawers on a Digital Dining system are connected to the local printer. The printer has a connection on the back that is labeled “DK”, DK stands for Draw Kick. If the cash drawer fails to open it is most likely the printer connection or the printer itself is having a problem. First establish that the printer is working correctly. Does the printer have paper? Without paper the drawer kick will not function. To test the printer, perform a printer self test.


1. Power off printer
2. While holding down the paper feed button, power printer on
3. Printer will print an initial print test, which prints the printer set ups (approx 6” of paper)
4. The error light will start blinking, press the paper feed button again, the printer will print an extended print test, when completed, the error light will turn off

Once you have determined the printer is OK, proceed to check the connections. Locate the cable coming from the cash drawer (there is only one cable). Follow the cable to the printer; examine it for any damage that may be causing the problem. If the cash drawer cable is plugged into the printer, disconnect it and reconnect the cable. Test the cash drawer with the “No Sale” function.

If the cash drawer did not open, did you hear a click? The click you should hear is the cash drawer solenoid firing.

If you do hear a click but the drawer does not open you may have one of two conditions; the first condition may be that the cash till (the till holds the money) inside the cash drawer may have too much stuff underneath it making it sit higher than normal in the cash drawer, so high that the till pops up once the cash drawer is closed and catches the cash drawer itself and will not allow it to open. If this is the case you just need to remove the stuff under the till once you get the cash drawer opened. To get the cash drawer open you need to push the till down as you attempt to open it. You can try to open the drawer with butter knives (or similar flat objects). Simultaneously insert two butter knives (at a slight upward angle) into the “upper” opposite corners of the cash drawer and slowly slide them towards each other (the middle). Quite often the knives (if inserted properly) will sit on top of the till and force it down, opening the cash drawer in the process as you slide them towards the center.

The 2nd condition may be the cash drawer solenoid is damaged, call Team Howard for service.

Bear in mind that cash drawers are an easy item to self-swap. Team Howard can overnight you a new cash drawer, you could replace it yourself and save labor charges. If you decide to do that, use a phillip’s screwdriver to remove the bottom of the broken cash drawer to remove the cash till. You may even see what is causing the problem and be able to correct yourself.

GOOD ADVICE: have an extra set of cash drawer keys available in an emergency. Every site receives two cash drawer keys per cash drawer; do not store them together. Label the keys as cash drawer keys and note the location if you have more than one cash drawer on site. Cash drawer keys are available from Team Howard for $10 each. To order keys we need to know the markings located on the key lock of the cash drawer. IE: 201, 226 etc.

21. The mouse on my computer is not responding.
First check your connections. A note regarding mouse connectors; there are two types of connectors, PS2 or USB. The PS2 is a small round connector, the USB is a small flat style connector.

A mouse with a PS2 type connector (small round connector) is usually color coded, be sure it is plugged into the correct port. There is only one port for the PS2 style mouse. If the mouse is not colored coded, look carefully at port as it should be labeled as the mouse port. BEWARE.. the keyboard port is typically located next to the mouse port but they are not interchangeable, do not plug the mouse into the keyboard port. Bear in mind, if you have the PS2 style connector and discover that it is not plugged in, you will have to reboot the computer after you plug in into the mouse port. The PS2 mouse has six small pins in the connector and can only be inserted one way, so be careful when you plug it in. DON’T FORCE IT. If you bend or break any pins the mouse will not work.

A mouse with a USB style connector can be plugged into the computer without the need to reboot. A USB style mouse can be plugged into any available USB port. A USB connector does not have any pins, BUT there is a top and bottom. If it doesn’t slide into the USB port, reverse the USB connector.

GOOD ADVICE: have a backup mouse available. They are only $10 from Team Howard

22. How do I change the menu out list from the backoffice?
1. Sign into backoffice
2. Select Menu -> Change Item Out List
3. Highlight the menu item you want to remove and hit the delete key on your keyboard.
4. Click on the item you want to add.
5. Input the number you have left to the right of the name and click save

23. How do I check if my batch went through?
There are different ways to check if your Credit Card batch went through:

1: Open Digital Dining Backoffice.
Go to Register Reports.
Go to Process Credit Card Batch Report.
Go to Summery report.
Select the day you wish top view.

2: Open Digital Dining Backoffice.
Go to Utilities.
Go to Process Register.
Process through yesterday.

*NOTE* Do not process any day that needs to be changed. Once processed you can’t change ANYTHING on that day. Do not process today.

24: How do I process my registers?
Open up Digital Dining Backoffice.
Go to Utilities.
Go to Process Register.
Select ok if the date displayed is before today

*NOTE* Do not process any day that needs to be changed. Once processed you can’t change ANYTHING on that day. Do not process today.

25. How do I batch my Credit Cards manually?
Open Digital Dining Backoffice.
Go to Utilities.
Go to Process Credit Cards.
Select the date you would like to batch.
Press Next Step.

26. Can you overview the Profit Center Report?
Click Here for a detailed profit center report with explanations

27. A Server has reset their report by mistake, how do I get their totals now?
You need to run the Server Report from the BOH DD PC, you can get there by the following steps:
1) Open up DD Back office
2) Register Reports – Receipts
3) Open the drop down box and choose “Server Report”
4) Verify the date is today (it may default to yesterday)
5) Choose Print
6) The Server # will prompt, index the Server #
7) The report will print.