Request Support

Requesting Digital Dining support during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5)

1. Call 518.885.8051

NOTE: If you do not speak to a person it is OK to leave a message in the general mail box, HOWEVER if you are having an emergency you are advised to use the steps outlined below for “after hours service”. This will ensure a proper response.

Requesting Digital Dining support after normal business hours.

It is very important to follow the steps below to optimize your response.

After hours support services

1. Call 518.885.8051
2. Press “6” for Digital Dining
3. Leave the following information

  • Site name
  • Site Location
  • Caller’s name or the name of the person we should ask for when responding.
  • The phone # we must call when responding
  • Detailed description of the problem you are having

The on-call technician will respond.

NOTES: When you have an emergency, DO NOT leave messages in our individual mail boxes at Team Howard as our mail boxes are not routinely checked. The Digital Dining emergency mail box #6 will automatically notify the on-call technician of your service request. The Digital Dining emergency mail box is available 24/7.

If you don’t have a cordless phone, consider getting one. If you can’t use a cordless phone, consider a phone cord extension that could be used when needed OR a cell phone. Our ability to troubleshoot a problem is greatly enhanced by your ability to be in front of the problem.