Labor Scheduling

We’ve taken the labor out of Labor Scheduling. What used to take hours, required constant revisions and didn’t always accommodate staff availability has been simplified with DIGITAL DINING. Schedules are enforced as your staff clocks in; requiring manager approval for early or late clock ins. Fingerprint ID scanners ensures no “buddy” clock ins, which reduces overall labor costs. DIGITAL DINING matches your staff’s skills and availability to your projected needs … producing the optimum schedule. Definable report generators allow you to create unlimited schedules, add “promised shifts,” and instantly compare actual to expected costs. Lowering labor costs and increasing your bottom line.

  • Back Office Integration
  • Clock IN/OUT Controls
  • Labor Budgets
  • Manager Time Clock Override
  • Copy previous Schedule for future weeks
  • Integrates to Hot Schedules

Schedule Budgets

Ensure that your restaurant enjoys the best possible coverage with our labor budget capabilities. Using definable staff ratings, prioritized days of the week, and staff availability records, you can create labor budgets to accurately predict your upcoming labor needs. Furthermore, you can use labor budgets as a framework to produce actual schedules and to ensure that those schedules have the correctly qualified staff covering all the required labor posts in your operation.

Detailed Reporting

Definable report generators allow you to create a virtually unlimited variety of schedule postings, expected labor cost (including overtime analysis) reports, and actual vs. expected labor cost reports that highlight variances.

Promised Availability

You can promise shifts to staff and set the program to automatically add those promised shifts to newly created schedules (allowing you to easily support your restaurant’s most valued staff).