At Creo in Albany, Team Howard installed QSR Automations Kitchen
Display System (KDS). KDS replaces printers in the kitchen. In this
photo you see one of (5) screens that are used for order production.
We use a custom bracket to mount the 17″ LCD screen, Keypad,
and DE4100 QSR controller.In Creo’s “open kitchen” environment, it was important to reduce noise
(employee chatter and printers) plus Creo eliminated the cost of paper and
ribbons for the printers they no longer need to use.

Creo uses one Expo Screen. The Expo screen shows the activity
for orders in progress. When all the items for a single order have
been prepared by the kitchen, the Expo station automatically alerts
the expediter by printing a tray ticket. The order is trayed and
the food is delivered immediately.In this photo you see the 17″ LCD Expo screen, Expo printer, and
Keypad on the counter. Underneath (out of harms way) we placed
the QSR controller and battery backup.

QSR Automations KDS system can also interface with popular pager
systems so that staff is automatically alerted (paged) when their table
orders are finished being prepared and ready to be served (nice and hot).