Profit Center Report
Dining RoomPage Total
Food2240.932240.93(+)No Tips!
Beverage2055.492055.49(+)No Tax!
Other0.000.00(+)No Disc!
Sales Subtotal4296.424296.42(=) Subtotal for the 3 above categories                         No Paid In
Charge0.000.00(+)Charge totals (NOT CC charges… Bottle opening charges, etc.)
Total before Tax4234.624234.62(=)Sales Subtotal + Discounts + Charges
Tax 129.9129.91(+)Typically Food Tax
Tax 26.646.64(+)Typically Liquor Tax
Tax 30.000.00(+)Typicall “Other” Tax… Merchandise, etc.
Tax 40.000.00(+)Typically not used, check Setup > Tax Tables if necessary
Tax Subtotal36.5536.55(=)Tax Subtotal (Tax1+ Tax2 + Tax3 + Tax4)
Total of check4271.174271.17(=)Check Total (“Total Before Tax” + “Tax Subtotal”) NOTE: No tips, No Paid In’s
Tip collected45.9145.91(+)Total of CC tips collected (NOT declared cash tips)
PaidIn – Ar150.00150.00(+)Total paid in to House Accounts
PaidIn – Debitek0.000.00(+)NOT USED
PaidIn – Gift Certificates0.000.00(+)Total of Gift CARDS sold (Must use the Gift Card Module)
Total Receipts4467.084467.08(=)“Total of Check” + “Tip Collected” + all 3 “PaidIn” categories
No of Covers9.009.00# of PEOPLE (dependant on cover tracking method setup in Register Definitons)
No of Checks8.008.00# of TABLES sat
Avg cover477.38477.38(“Total of Check” + “Tip Collected”)/”No of Covers”
Avg check537.05537.05(“Total of Check” + “Tip Collected”)/”No of Checks”
American Express0.000.00(+)
Master Card284.69284.69(+)Includes Tips, Tax, Discounts, and Paid-In’s!
Discover Card0.000.00(+)
House Charge0.000.00(+)
Gift Card0.000.00(+)Gift Cards REDEEMED
Paper Gift Certificate0.000.00(+)Paper Gift Certificates Collected
Total Receipts4467.084467.08(+)Same as “Total Receipts” above
Total Tips45.9145.91(+)Same as “Tip Collected” above
Server Commission0.000.00(-)$ deducted from Server’s tips to cover CC Expenses. (defined in Receipt Maint)
Net tips45.9145.91(=)“Total Tips” – “Server Commission”
Total paidOuts0.000.00(-)Total $ Paid out. (Deliveries, purchases, etc.)
Net cash3615.353615.35(=)“Cash” – “Net Tips” – “Total PaidOuts”
Other receipts turned in805.82805.82Total for all receipts other than cash
Server Drops0.000.00(-) “dropped” from servers to managers
Turned in4421.174421.17(=)“Total Receipts”-“Net Tips”
Restaurant commissions0.000.00An estimate of the CC charges the restaurant can expect to pay
Estimated deposit4421.174421.17(=)“Turned In” – “Restaurant Commissions”