Mobile POS (Tableside Ordering)

DIGITAL DINING’s Mobile solution can increase a restaurant’s overall performance, improve delivery times and service, streamline efficiencies, and increase profits. Mobile POS enables your servers to take and fire orders without leaving the dining area or running to and from stationary POS terminals. The interface is consistent with the existing POS, in most cases your servers can start using Mobile POS without training. The Handheld POS also strengthens existing features, such as item out alternatives, which enables your server to provide immediate substitution advice to guests if the item ordered is on the 86 list.

  • Clients buy and provide the iPad Mini (often less than $400)
  • iPad Mini’s hold their charge for several hours
  • Shorten table turns
  • Flexible coursing options
  • Suggestive selling at tableside
  • Menu Item Info w/ Allergy Alerts at tableside
  • Automatic Item out Alternative prompting
  • Hold & Fire menu items as needed
  • Send drinks to Bar printer while tableside without exiting guest check

Single Database

Digital Dining’s mobile Solution uses the same database as your POS registers. Thanks to its integrated data architecture, there is no need to create new or separate menu items, payment buttons, menu item POS windows or discount buttons just for the mobile POS. 

Improved Customer Experience

Mobile POS can improve customer service by enabling your servers to spend more time on the floor. It allows your servers to take and fire orders while at the table, this eliminates the need to run to the kitchen or POS Stations. This allows servers to focus on serving customers. Many establishments also find they can increase a server’s station size, especially when runners are used for drinks, food or both.