It is mandatory that the electrical line for the POS be installed as followed.

Dedicated Line: This line must be three insulated wired in conduit (or equal) capable of carrying 20 amps and running from the Main panel box directly to the POS receptacles. No other wires or receptacles are to be in or attached to this conduit.

Isolated Ground: The isolated ground wire must run from the POS receptacles to a ground rod or water pipe. It must not be connected to the common ground bar in the panel box.

Option 1 – From the receptacle to a driven ground stake of sufficient length to provide a positive ground.

Option 2 – From the receptacle to a water pipe at the point where the pipe enters the ground.

Receptacle: The receptacle must be an isolated ground type. The recommended type is the Hubbell outlet (Levition is not satisfactory).

Upon completion of the line installation, notify Team Howard.

A service representative will then be scheduled to check wiring for proper installation.

Failure to install the power line to the above specifications may void the warranty of the POS components in your system.