This wall mount cabinet and POS terminal on the right were built for servers that service guests on the outdoor patio. It is conveniently located just inside the door leading to the patio for quick and easy server access.

The box you see (under the printer) holds a Battery Backup to keep the POS station running when power is out. In this photo is a Posiflex All-In-One KS6215 POS Terminal and an Epson Thermal. This is a very clean look. Nice job!

To the left is an example of our wall mount cabinet. The Touchscreen shown is a 17″ model with a Magnetic Card Reader mounted on the right side. The printer is an Epson TmT88 Thermal. This cabinet contains a small PC and a UPS (battery backup). 

We use wire loom to conceal the wires (power, video signal, USB etc.) that connect the computer to the Touchscreen and printer. If your electrician puts the AC outlets in the cabinet as well, this turns out to be a very clean design as there no wires to see. For mounting purposes; the lower base of this cabinet is 17″ wide.

Above is an example of our counter top cabinet.
(13″W, 12″H, 15″D). This simple design has great benefits. This cabinet holds and protects the touchscreen, computer, and printer.

The above cabinet was created for a client that had absolutely no space for the Digital Dining POS file server.
This restaurant had no office but they did have 20″ we could use. We needed to come up with a cabinet that held both the file server and a single POS station. It also needed to be designed in a way that the ability to move the equipment was simple and access to the components easy since the entire cabinet would be placed under the bar. The bottom shelf holds the Dell file server and a beefy APC UPS.

The shelf above that holds the Dell Optiplex SFF PC and an external hard drive. The next shelf holds the Netgear network switch and a KVM box so that the owner can switch between POS and Back Office applications. The next shelf holds a compact keyboard that slides out when necessary. On top of the cabinet is the Cash Drawer, 15″ LCD Touchscreen, and Epson Thermal printer. We put casters on the cabinet which allows us to roll the entire cabinet forward for any necessary maintenance. This sturdy cabinet was built with 3/4″ plywood. When we delivered this cabinet to the site, it rolled right into its spot without a hitch. Fit like a glove.

This wall mount cabinet was designed for a site that uses Digital Dining and Hand Held mobile computers. This approach allows us to strategically locate the Credit Card Verification printer for servers on the floor.

Our Goal: Reducing the number of footsteps servers take increases their productivity.

It’s quite common that the Digital Dining POS equipment is located near other necessary equipment such as coffee, espresso machines, soda dispensers etc. At Team Howard we take it upon ourselves to do what we can to avoid these possible hazards to your POS investment.

Here we wall mounted the 15″ LCD Touchscreen, placed the printer, POS computer and battery backup on the shelf.  Notice the Fingerprint ID Scanner is also wall mounted.  The Result! NONE of the POS equipment is on the same counter as the beverages.