Welcome to Team Howard!

Welcome to an edge. 

After installing Micros, Panasonic, Omron, and Casio Point-Of-Sale Systems (POS) for several years Bob Howard established Team Howard in 1995.  Joseph Howard joined Team Howard a few short months later.  We both decided that Team Howard would focus on one POS product (Digital Dining), and one POS vertical (Hospitality).  It’s been over 20 years now and we still offer the Digital Dining POS to our Hospitality clients. 

To optimize our support, Team Howard has stayed consistent with the software and hardware we deploy, we believe that’s an important goal in order to provide a high level of POS support. 

If you do your research you’ll discover our POS competitors switch POS software brands and hardware platforms on a regular basis but they don’t brag about it during demo’s.  Unless you ask you’ll never know how many POS Orphans they have left behind with limited or no support options. POS is a very important decision, ask each POS provider/candidate to supply a list of sites that have software and/or hardware that the POS provider no longer supports; why?  Because how someone enters into a marriage is important, but how they divorce is critical. 

Folks in the Hospitality industry certainly understand how to shop and how to negotiate the best deal. If you are POS shopping bear this in mind, POS is a marriage, based upon your POS decision it can be a marriage without a divorce clause. Be patient, do your homework, investigate both POS product and Dealership thoroughly because in most cases, you can’t afford to do it twice. 

Don’t hesitate to sit down with us to talk shop, the Hospitality Industry, trends, Loyalty programs, fraud controls, EMV, data security, CRM etc.  We enjoy having conversations that focus on your POS ROI.  It’s what gives Team Howard the edge in the POS business.

Our Micros system had problems on a recent Saturday afternoon around 4PM and we were approaching the dinner rush. We called Team Howard, within 60 minutes a technician had arrived, fixed our problems and we cruised right into a busy night without a glitch. The technician also did some programming for us because our wine list has really expanded. We couldn’t be happier with the support and service we receive from Team Howard. Thanks for the great response!

Sandy & Joe